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About this app

Voice Flashcards 2 is a learning app that specializes in learning by using "voice" instead of using pictures and text like regular flashcards.
This app was developed for efficient learning by repeatedly listening to audio data registered for questions and answers.
For example, this app would be effective in the following learning situations.

  • ・Listen and learn during your commute to work, school, etc.
    • Of course, it supports automatic playback in the background, so you don't have to keep looking at the screen (yes, just like when you listen to music!).


  • ・Listen to it until you fall asleep in bed.
    • When I was younger, I used to memorize words the night before an exam in bed as a finishing touch to the day's study. But now this app helps. Simply register the word and its translation in audio and listen to it until you fall asleep. Automatic mode is implemented, so there is no need to keep looking at the screen. Furthermore, if you specify the conditions for stopping the automatic mode, you can rest assured that even if you fall asleep, it will not continue to play until morning. This app supports text-to-speech in multiple languages as well as voice.


  •  ・Learning with the voice of a loving partner or family member
    • A recommended use case is to learn with questions and answers registered in the voice of a beloved partner or family member. It will probably be a powerful aid to your learning.


 About the data to be registered

The following data can be registered for questions and answers on the card.

 Audio recorded by the device

The device's recording function can be used to register data from a recording of your or someone else's voice on the spot.

 Downloaded sound files

Audio files can be downloaded from cloud storage and other sources and registered.

 Text data for "text-to-speech"

Using the text-to-speech function of iOS, the app reads out the registered text data. The app supports multiple languages and voices. This makes it especially useful when learning a foreign language.

 Downloaded text file

Text files for text-to-speech can be downloaded and registered.

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